Inspections for Buyers

This is your traditional home inspection for buyers that have entered into the Escrow period on a home purchase.   Full color Inspection Report within 24 hours along with complimentary Executive Summary for easier repair/request formation.

Pre-Listing Inspections / Inspections for Sellers

Recommended!  Thinking of selling?  Help prevent  unwanted surprises during the Escrow Period.  A pre-listing inspection helps you anticipate needed repairs, allows you to get estimates up front and manage negotiations and allowances using realistic numbers.   It can also give you time to deal with outstanding items needing repair as opposed to waiting for the Escrow Period where everything is more rushed and stressed.  Get more for your home.   Repairs conducted prior to listing or sale are usually less expensive than giving allowances back during the negotiation process.   

Verbal Inspections – Inspections without  a written report

Pre-Listing inspections on a budget.